Ausbon Sargent increases conserved land in Q2C region

In 2014, Ausbon Sargent closed on conservation easements in Goshen, Wilmot and Danbury with the help of Quabbin-to-Cardigan Partnership funding.

Jillette closingThe 51-acre Jillette Conservation Easement is located in Goshen with over 815 feet of frontage on the east side of Brickyard Road.  Landowner, Bea Jillette, manages the property for timber production and her large field, with its beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, is maintained by a local farmer for hay production.  The property is highly rated for wildlife habitat and highly ranked forestry soils and is very close to over 17,000 acres of contiguous conservation land.

Paul and Jan Sahler placed a conservation easement on 21 acres of their 23.4-acre property in Wilmot, NH.  This property includes a maintained logging road that extends back to Cascade Brook.  This and some additional side trails now provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and for observing many forms of wildlife.Their property is adjacent to or near over 3,918 acres of other conserved land nearby.

The 159.2-acre LeBaron-Brewer Property was also conserved in Danbury, NH in 2014.  This property includes two-thirds of Severence Hill in Danbury with over ½ mile of shore frontage on Waukeena Lake. The property protects important wildlife habitat for the loons on Waukeena Lake and abundant moose.

Click below for more information on Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust and the above conservation lands. Photos courtesy Ausbon Sargent. Top photo – LeBaron-Brewer Property.

Ausbon Sargent News Room

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